Can you fax from iPhone: You can now make and receive phone calls on your iPhone via its built-in Fax app.  

You can send or receive faxed images, documents, and videos from your iPhone without the need for an external fax machine or  

software that enables you to fax over the Internet. You can also use this guide to learn how to fax from an iPhone with How To fax from iPhone. 

How do IFax from my iPhone? If you have an iPhone, there's a good chance you've heard of how to Fax from your device (pronounced "fax"). 

An easy-to-use feature that lets you make and receive phone calls via your device's built-in speaker instead of a landline or mobile phone. 

It has become common knowledge that having the technology available that makes communication possible when you're  

you're out of the office is a great way to stay connected while still being able to run your business efficiently from anywhere.  

However, many people are still unaware that they have access to this option through the Fax app.