Can you record a phone call on iPhone: When you want to record a phone call on your iPhone but don’t want to pay for a regular landline  

telephone call recorder, you can use an app like Phone Recorder. Phone Recorder is an iPhone app that records and saves voice and video calls. 

It does this by hooking up your phone directly to the recording function on your iPhone. There are other ways to do this as well,  

such as using Voice Memos first and then transferring the recording files afterward, but this is the easiest way for most people.  

If you’re looking to avoid paying for a regular landline telephone recorder, then consider using an alternative instead. 

A phone recorder is an app you can use to record phone calls on your iPhone. It records the conversation, just like a regular tape recorder, 

and you can listen to the recorded conversation later on your computer, mobile device, or even the app’s voice mail.  

There are many different types of phone recorders, but the most common ones are hand-held and laptop computers styles.