How to close apps on iPhone 13: When you’re done using an app, you’ll want to make sure that the app no longer has access to your data or your location. 

Opening an app too many times or for too long can also cause it to stop working properly or become less secure in the future.  

The best way to close an app on your iPhone is to navigate to its user guide and a usage notes page on the developer’s website. 

It should have a section called ‘General closing tips’ that explains how to completely close the app without affecting other apps, features, or functionality. 

Here are some useful ways you can close apps on your iPhone: 1. Long press any open app icon To close an opened app, 

long-press (or more specifically: ‘long-press’) any open icon until you see a prompt asking if you want to close it (pictured above). 

There will be various options at this prompt depending on how much time the closed-app icon was open in relation to the original icon 

more time indicates a stronger connection between the two icons. If there is no strong connection between the two icons, 

then you’ll only see one option: ‘Acknowledge intent’ which means that the closed application will disappear from view but remains 

in memory so that you can still use it later if necessary. 2. Force quit programs You may never know when you might accidentally leave something running