How to get into a locked iPhone without the password: If you have an iPhone, chances are good that you need to unlock it from time to time. 

Even if you don’t own an iPhone, chances are good that someone in your family does and they all have  

their own Apple phones now too. But who wants to visit a store or a technician to get their iPhone unlocked? 

It can be a hassle and not as easy as buying a new phone. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to unlock your iPhone without going through 

the hassle of visiting an Apple Store or waiting for a tech support guy to do it for you over the phone.  

If your iPhone is lost or stolen and you want to keep using it without fear of getting locked out again,  

an unlock code is a great way to go about it. But how exactly do you get one and where do you even begin? 

An unlock code is a unique number that can be used to unlock an iPhone. These codes are usually sent to the iPhone when you buy it