Turning your love of sports into a successful career takes passion, persistence, and a real willingness to give it you’re all.

Competition is at the center of what sports are all about — and a successful sports marketing career can be yours with the right strategy.

If you have excellent communication skills and a determination to make a good living in athletics, you could become a real

player in the field of sports marketing. How to start a career in sports marketing Explore Your Options

Diversity abounds in the types of jobs in sports marketing. Consider the possibilities to refine your path forward accordingly. Some of the positions 

1. Public Relations Specialist, Athletic Business Manager 2. Sports Athletic Director, Account Coordinator 3. Sports Agent, Vice President of Business Development, and more!

As a general rule, you will need a Bachelor’s degree to get into sports marketing. The areas of study that will make you the most competitive are marketing and journalism

1. Business Administration to develop your business skills. 2. Sports Management for marketing and other opportunities in sports.

1. Kinesiology, if you really like sports medicine, too. 2. If you are able to attend a college with a specialized program in sports marketing — even better.

A love of sports and excellent communication skills are the first essential components of a successful sports marketing career. But there are several other qualities

Good project management skills will keep the team on the same page, projects completed on time,

You also need to have skills in campaign management. Working all your resources to get the event or announcement to your audience in a timely, effective

Opportunity awaits the eager sports marketing candidate. Whether you are applying for positions in public relations, event sales, promotions,

1. ollege sports teams 2. NFL, NBA, NHL teams 3. Sports venues 4. Soccer clubs and teams 5. Tennis associations, organizations, and teams 6. And more!

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The perfect job may not always be available when you are ready to start applying. Sports Marketing internships can be very valuable experiences to get your foot in the door.

1. Gives you a chance to explore your career path 2. Potentially receive financial compensation 3. Excellent networking opportunities within the industry

1. Learning directly from other professionals and increasing your skillset 2. Gives you the ability to transition more easily into your career