iPhone 13 Pro Specification: The iPhone 13 Pro is almost here, and it’s already generating a significant amount of speculation as to what  

kind of features we can expect. The most commonly speculated feature is going to be the new OLED panel that Apple is said to be used in this new handset. 

What we have right now is the iPhone 11 Pro, which has an OLED screen. So, really, what else can Apple add? 

iPhone 12: What to Expect It seems like only yesterday that the iPhone 11 Pro was released, but it’s been just under a year since then.  

It would appear that time has not diminished the demand for a more powerful version of the iPhone, particularly one that comes with an OLED display.  

That being said, supply constraints may have also limited how much Apple could improve its current model. 

iPhone 13 Pro Specification The iPhone 11 Pro not only comes with improvements like wireless charging, a faster processor, and a larger battery but also has room for 

further enhancements with the upcoming launch of the next-generation handset. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the 2019 iPhone 13 Pro!