The 76-yr-antique former leader, jailed on corruption costs in 2018, is ready to run once more and is ahead of incumbent Jair Bolsonaro within the polls

For weeks Hilton Acioli wrestled with the melodies and lyrics that would emerge as the subject tune to one of the maximum top notch political careers in current history.

ultimately, one morning inside the winter of 1989, something clicked. “Lula lá – a celebrity is sparkling.

Lula lá – the flourishing of desire,” the Cat Stevens-loving Brazilian songsmith sang as he sat before his laptop with a guitar.

The difficulty of Acioli’s ditty changed into Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a shoeshine boy grew to become union chief 

who turned into preparing to launch a as soon as-unattainable bid to emerge as Brazil’s first working-magnificence president.

“I felt so excited,” Acioli stated of the moment he composed the unforgettable jingle for Lula’s first presidential run. 

“I known as all of us on the marketing campaign and informed them: ‘I think I’ve nailed it.’” Lula’s debut campaign resulted in failure 

but Acioli’s music, Sem Medo de Ser Feliz [Unafraid of Being Happy], have become an enduring hit,

providing the soundtrack because the bearded leftist continued his quest for power over the approaching years.