Rules and qualities of eating garlic: There are many who want to know about the pros and cons of eating garlic. For them, today’s post has highlighted  

the advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of eating garlic. Bengali garlic is a favorite person. 

That is why most of the people in Bangladesh love to eat garlic. So many people search on the internet to know the benefits of garlic and the right time to eat garlic. 

In today’s post, we mentioned the benefits of eating garlic for children. So find out the benefits of eating garlic from today’s post. 

Garlic is a spice that you can eat and consume in a few ways if you want. Garlic is a very strong spice that not everyone can eat. 

Firstly, you can eat garlic raw which is most beneficial. Secondly, the rule of eating garlic is to consume cooked garlic. It is also beneficial. 

You can also soak it in water and drink garlic water. And if you can’t eat garlic in any of the ways mentioned above, 

you should eat garlic regularly with curry and get in the habit of eating raw garlic. Remember that it is difficult to eat raw garlic at first, but later it will become a habit.