When is the iPhone 13 coming out: Did you miss Apple's iPhone event on Tuesday? Did you stay up all night to catch every detail? 

Did you leave the event feeling like your pockets have been juicier than usual? If so, then you need to  

then you need to know about the iPhone 13. Yes, the iPhone is getting an update - again. And this time, it's different. 

The iPhone 13 is said to feature a new generation of A12XBryllium processors and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM -  

almost a straight upgrade from today's model with the same-old A12 processors and 3GB of LDR4 RAM. 

Get ready for some serious power efficiency gains from Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. 

The iPhone 13 will feature an all-new processor with up to 12% more performance than the current A12 Bionic processor. 

The new processor is said to be more efficient, allowing for up to 5% more power consumption in real-world use.