Why cant I download apps on my iPhone: Your iPhone is a piece of hardware that works so well it can even make other devices look bad in comparison. 

It renders software nearly impossible to compare against the rest of the competition, which is one of its most endearing traits. 

With its app ecosystem being one of the most vibrant out there and its user base being one of the most loyal,  

iPhones have an overwhelming advantage over any Android device you try to sell them. Even with this advantageous position,  

there are times when downloading new apps on your iPhone can be a problem for some users. 

If you’re experiencing issues with your download or error messages popping up then read on for some help and tips that will get you back up 

There are likely a number of reasons why you can’t download new apps to your iPhone. You might have tried and tried  

The first thing to do is to relax and stop trying so hard. Some apps just don’t work on the phone itself, they need a computer to run them.